Imagine a company that has been using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for several years to host their applications and systems for their Internet-facing websites. Despite that length of time, they had done no assessment of their architecture. Recently, they realized that despite their access to cloud technology, they are not certain if they are maximizing its benefits. How would they know if they are using AWS well?

This is where an AWS Well-Architected Framework Review can help. This review is conducted to compare and align your environment with industry best practices in the AWS cloud. Working with AWS, copebit can review your current environment to determine if it is working with the highest standard of excellence.

Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework

The following pillars of WAF also illustrate the benefits of this framework:

  • Operational Excellence – prioritizes the running and monitoring of systems to create better business value, as well as the continuous enhancement of methods and systems
  • Security – prioritizes the safety and protection of information and systems. Important areas are confidentiality and data integrity, user identity and access control through privilege management, system protection, and defining controls to identify security events
  • Reliability – prioritizes the prevention and quick recovery from setbacks in achieving business goals and meeting customer demand
  • Performance Efficiency – prioritizes the efficient use and allocation of IT and computing resources
  • Cost Optimization – prioritizes cutting out unnecessary costs

The Review Process

copebit will conduct workshops with your organization to assess the current AWS environment. We will then determine possible solutions in order for the company to reach their stated business and operational goals.

The initial phase will cover the following:

  • Well-Architected Framework Review
  • Documentation

After which, your enterprise may decide on how to proceed, including availing of further services to align your framework with the WAF pillars.


  • We usually see cost-savings in the range of 30% achieved
  • Security holes are detected and can be remediated
  • Operations becomes easier and well-automated

Our team will collaborate with your personnel to guarantee a successful collaboration and transfer of knowledge.

We are available and can achieve great benefits within a manner of a few days.

For more information, please contact us today at our website.

Marc Schmuki

Marc Schmuki

Marc is a senior consultant and co-founder at copebit. He has been working in IT for more than 22 years in various positions. He is a certified AWS Solution Architect (Associate) and has a holistic AWS knowledge.