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The use of hyperscale cloud environments such as AWS is becoming increasingly popular with federal, cantonal and municipal governments. However, complying with regulatory and security requirements while acquiring the necessary technical knowledge can be challenging. copebit’s “VPDC” product aims to minimize these challenges by facilitating the structured development of knowledge and experience. This in turn enables more informed decision making and the development of more effective concepts. copebit combines technology and process methodology to achieve optimal results. Agile methodology and Hermes share the goal of transparent and well-structured project management, on-time delivery and efficient use of resources. The agility of agile methodology complements Hermes as the standard for modern development projects and enables better project outcomes through seamless integration with enterprise-wide quality and risk management.

Hermes Process for Government Customers

Especially for Government customers, we have aligned the cloud technology with the Hermes process. Thus, scenarios, phases, modules and roles can be assigned accordingly and the delivery results can be mapped.

For our Government customers, we have integrated the Hermes process with our cloud technology to ensure a harmonized approach. This allows us to map the delivery outcomes of our cloud solutions to the scenarios, phases, modules, and roles described in the Hermes process. In this way, we can ensure that the implementation of our cloud solutions is in line with the best practices and standards described by Hermes.

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The Hermes process is a framework for IT projects developed by the Swiss government that provides a structured approach to project management. By incorporating this process into our cloud solutions, we are able to better serve our government customers by providing a clear and standardized approach to cloud implementation. This approach ensures that all stakeholders have a common understanding of the scope, goals and milestones of the project.

By aligning our cloud solutions with the Hermes process, we can assign roles and responsibilities to each stakeholder, ensuring that everyone knows their contributions and responsibilities throughout the implementation process. This approach helps ensure that our cloud solutions are delivered on time, on budget and to the customer’s satisfaction.

In addition, incorporating the Hermes process into our cloud solutions provides a framework for ongoing monitoring and maintenance of our solutions. This ensures that our solutions remain compliant with relevant regulations and standards and meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Overall, our harmonization of cloud technology with the Hermes process provides our government customers with a structured and standardized approach to cloud implementation that ensures the success of their cloud initiatives.


Hermes Scenarios, Phases, Modules and Roles

  • Suitable Hermes scenarios
    • IT standard and IT individual application
    • IT infrastructure
  • Suitable project phases
    • Initialization and concept phase
    • Reusable for realization and introduction
  • Suitable Hermes modules
    • Project basics
    • Procurement
    • ISDS
    • IT system, IT operation, IT migration, testing
  • Suitable Hermes partners (users, developers, operators)
    • Management (PL & technical committee)
    • Execution level (ISDS, operations, application and test managers, architects)

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