RealizeIT Self-Service with the AWS Service Catalog

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AWS Service Catalog

For some businesses, offering standardized IT services today is still a challenge. Many businesses use similar IT services, such as Microsoft Active Directory, Windows File Server, MS SQL databases, Oracle databases, or Windows Desktops for VDI, etc. We from copebit have standardized the most important services and offer these to our clients through a service catalog that implements highly-automated IT self-services.

Our Service Catalog is based on AWS. Within a few minutes, you can access the following services:



  • Kubernetes Cluster
  • Containers with ECS and ECS Fargate
  • Windows, Linux VM instances in many possible editions

AWS Basis Services

  • SNS, SES
  • Budget
  • SMS
  • GuardDuty, Config
  • IAM


  • VPC
  • VPN: Site2Site
  • Client-VPN

Microsoft Services

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Microsoft Windows Desktops as VDI
  • Microsoft File Server


  • RDS PostgreSQL
  • RDS MySQL, MariaDB
  • RDS Oracle
  • RDS Microsoft SQL 2012-2017 in all editions
  • RDS Aurora MySQL (also serverless)
  • RDS Aurora PostgreSQL (soon also serverless)

All products in our Service Catalog are specified based on CloudFormation. They are easy to parameterize so that you can choose all necessary adjustments individually, such as the size of the instances or the required storage space.

We use AWS Managed Services whenever possible. This guarantees that all services are continuously monitored, secured, and patched. For services for which you need maximum freedom, copebit also provides additional Managed Services.


  • Standardized and automated IT
  • Everything is documented and underlaid with an accessible code (infrastructure as code)
  • Provisions even complex demands in just a few minutes
  • No day-2 expenditures (operation, patching, backup, etc.)
  • Covers the sections IaaS, CaaS and PaaS
  • Quickly implementable into your business


Aside from our Service Catalog, this offer also includes our services in the consulting and professional services sectors, allowing you to comfortably introduce the Service Catalog into your business.

Our consultants will carry out an assessment with you and your architects to determine which services are required. We will create a transformation plan and establish the Service Catalog in your business. New IT services or projects can then be realized in an automated way with products from the Service Catalog.

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