Use Amazon OpenSearch Service for all your search or observability needs

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The industry is currently showing significant interest in OpenSearch, a derivative of the widely used Elasticsearch. We from copebit have developed extensive expertise in the OpenSearch community software and its modules by implementing several Amazon OpenSearch Service installations on AWS for our customers. In the past, we have utilized Amazon OpenSearch Service for various purposes such as searching, indexing, log-analysis, and observability. Moreover, AWS’s introduction of OpenSearch Serverless has expanded our range of offerings and made it feasible to incorporate OpenSearch into numerous analytics solutions. With the addition of Amazon OpenSearch Service on Graviton2 CPU’s, the processing is now lightning-fast at a much lower price point, compared to standard installations.

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OpenSearch’s search functionality is widely recognized in the industry. It has the ability to index a variety of content types and deliver search results rapidly, making it easy for your users to locate documents, content, and other items. Even when dealing with large collections of documents, the search function remains lightning fast. copebit is available to assist you with establishing the infrastructure and incorporating OpenSearch into your application using the numerous available SDKs.

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Log Analysis

In case your log analytics needs exceed the capabilities of CloudWatch Logs and its related tools, we recommend exploring OpenSearch. OpenSearch provides a multitude of options for log analysis and offers numerous open-source tools to help you delve deep into your logs and locate the precise information you require. At copebit, we have the expertise to assist you in selecting the appropriate log analytics tool.

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An increasing number of organizations are utilizing AWS OpenSearch’s analytics capabilities to create metrics and generate reports based on the data they ingest. copebit can provide guidance on ingesting the appropriate data and extracting the relevant values. Additionally, we can assist in selecting the appropriate tools to visualize the aggregated and extracted data.


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In recent times, the open-source community has made significant efforts to enhance the observability capabilities of OpenSearch. It is now possible to extract data points from the ingested data and utilize data visualization to generate novel insights. Furthermore, Trace Analytics provides a way to ingest and visualize OpenTelemetry data in OpenSearch. copebit can assist you in devising appropriate integration patterns for your software and systems, enabling you to derive actionable insights.