Microsoft Solutions run even better on AWS

Microsoft on AWS

Microsoft Solutions on AWS

Organizations run various Microsoft workloads within their on-premises environments such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD), MS SQL, File Servers and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). This diversity results in challenges for instance high maintenance costs, scalability and capacity planning for future demands and lifecycle management of hardware and operating systems. At copebit, we have the expertise and experience with our AWS certified team to remove these challenges by migrating and running Microsoft workloads within the AWS environment. Our aim is to use AWS Managed Services whenever possible to remove the operational overhead and risk for customers.

copebit offers the following AWS Managed Microsoft Services:

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server is a fully managed File Server based on the native Windows platform. It provides highly available, scalable and durable file storage accessible through the industry-standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. Different storage and deployment options are available as well as data deduplication, fully managed backups and data encryption at rest and in transit. In addition, it integrates with customers’ on-premises AD or AWS Microsoft Managed AD.

Amazon RDS for SQL Server

Amazon RDS for SQL Server is a fully managed relational database service based on the Microsoft SQL platform. It supports MS SQL Express, Web, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition with the latest release versions. Some key features of Amazon RDS for SQL Server are its fast and predictable storage performance, automated backups and its high availability and reliability due to the possibility for multi AZ deployments. It can be deployed with either standard or provisioned IOPS storage.

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Managed Microsoft Active Directory Services

AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory is built on a windows-based Microsoft Active Directory and is a fully AWS Managed Service. It enables customers the use and management of domain joined resources such as EC2 instances, Amazon RDS for SQL Server or Amazon WorkSpaces with the standard AD administration tools and the built-in AD features. AWS Managed Microsoft AD is deployed highly available across at least two Availability Zones and can be an extension of the customers’ on-premise AD with a trust relationship.


Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces is a managed, secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. A selection of various bundles are offered containing different hardware and software options to fulfill customer needs. Amazon WorkSpaces supports the Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model and integrates with customers’ on-premises AD and RADIUS to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA). With Amazon WorkSpaces, users get a fast and responsive desktop that can be accessed from any supported device, anywhere at any time.


copebit develops and deploys Microsoft Solutions on AWS as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) through CloudFormation templates. Furthermore, the use of AWS Managed Services ensures all services are continuously monitored, secured and patched. Additionally, we follow AWS best practices by applying the AWS Well Architected Framework.

If you are interested to take the next step into a fully automated, scalable and enhanced way of managing your Microsoft workloads on AWS, please reach out to us. copebit is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and our highly skilled AWS team will help you to leverage the most effective Microsoft Solution on AWS with the purpose to create business value and return of investment for the customer.