The Internet of Things paves the way for innovations and requires interdisciplinary knowledge


Internet of Things

Many companies are looking at digitization, “Smart City” and “Industry 4.0”. Based on technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Low Power Networks and Cloud, they promise a higher quality of life and increased efficiency.

But what exactly are these technologies and what’s behind them? How do they interact? What should be or needs to be managed with IoT?

We have developed an IoT training platform which enables an easy introduction into the complex topics of IoT, networks, Cloud and its services. It allows you to engage with these technologies interdisciplinary and to gain (wide-ranging) experiences.

copebit IoT learning platform

  • for any IoT devices (Arduino, Raspberry PI or IoT industrial devices and their sensors)
  • front end for IoT device management
  • front end for displaying metrics via thresholds triggering alarms
  • multi-tenant capable
  • AWS IoT Device Management
  • AWS API Gateway
  • AWS DB Services
  • AWS SNS Services

Our copebit IoT-Traingsplatform allows you to understand sensors, actors, network technologies inclusive cloud services from an end to end perspective. It also supports emulating business scenarios as you prefer.

We can support you on that journey. Please find here the download of our IoT-Manager Brochure.