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Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment are principles of today’s software development and are increasingly being used in infrastructure as code. With the help of various tools, processes and manual activities are automated and one or more pipelines are triggered with every code change. This includes automated testing (unit, integration, system test), security checks, linting, and much more. As the last step in continuous integration, the pipeline creates a versioned artifact that can be automatically deployed and retested in a wide variety of environments using continuous delivery and deployment.

CI/CD is not a one-off thing; besides the many automations, it also includes cultural changes and requires the commitment and acceptance of every team member. copebit supports your company in the transformation into contemporary IT. Our services include:


  • General automation and CI/CD consulting
  • Individual workshops to identify the infrastructure automation potential in your company
  • Requirements engineering for setup and development
  • Design solution proposals

Design, Engineering, Development

  • Development of the optimal CI/CD architecture for your company
  • Detailed and goal-oriented design of the implementation concept
  • Engineering of the CI/CD infrastructure
  • Development of individual pipelines and scripts (incl. testing, linting, and security checks)
  • Integration into existing ecosystem

Training & Review

  • Documentation and training
  • Review to clarify individual questions and problems
  • Audit/Code review for developed customer solution