Transforming Cloud Infrastructure with Advanced AWS EKS Services

AWS EKS Solutions

We pride ourselves on crafting cloud-native, scalable solutions that integrate seamlessly with your AWS environment. Our services extend well beyond just deploying an EKS cluster; they are comprehensive, encompassing a wide range of AWS integrations and open-source Kubernetes add-ons.

AWS EKS Cluster Deployment

Leverage our expertise in setting up robust, production-ready EKS clusters that adhere to SRE/DevSecOps best practices.

AWS EKS Cluster Deployment

AWS Integrations: Elevate Your EKS Experience

Unlock the true potential of your AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) clusters by leveraging our deep-rooted expertise in AWS integrations. These integrations not only amplify the performance of your EKS deployments but also enrich them with advanced features. Here’s a deeper look into each AWS service we integrate with:

AWS Secrets Manager

AWS Secrets Manager

  • Overview: Secure, manage, and retrieve secrets across your applications with ease.
  • Benefits:
    • Security: High-level encryption for sensitive data
    • Auditing: Seamless tracking with CloudTrail
    • Ease of Use: Retrieve secrets directly into your EKS pods without manual intervention.

Enhance your secret management capabilities with Secrets Manager, making your EKS clusters more secure and compliant.

AM with IRSA

IAM with IRSA (IAM Roles for Service Accounts)

  • Overview: Fine-grained, role-based access control right at the pod level, eliminating the need for broad permissions.
  • Benefits:
    • Precision: Granular control over pod-level permissions.
    • Reduced Attack Surface: Limiting permissions minimizes vulnerabilities.
    • Compliance: Aligns with the principle of least privilege (POLP).

Embrace a more secure, precise, and compliant way of managing pod-level permissions in EKS with IAM & IRSA.

Storage Classes with EBS

Storage Classes with EBS (Elastic Block Store) and EFS (Elastic File System)

  • Overview: Configurable, elastic, and high-performance storage solutions for your EKS clusters
  • Benefits:
    • Scalability: Easily expandable storage solutions
    • Performance: High-speed data access
    • Durability: Reliable data storage with automated backups

Redefine your EKS storage capabilities with EBS and EFS, ensuring that you have the storage you need, when you need it.


Load Balancer Controller

Load Balancer Controller

  • Overview: Automated management of traffic distribution, offering both layer 4 and layer 7 load balancing options
  • Benefits:
    • Efficiency: Auto-scaling of resources based on traffic
    • Flexibility: Supports HTTP/HTTPS and TCP/UDP
    • Monitoring: Real-time metrics for better decision-making

Achieve operational excellence with our Load Balancer Controller integrations, enabling dynamic, real-time traffic management for your EKS clusters.

Open Source K8s Add Ons

Open-Source K8s Add-Ons

  • Cilium: Advanced network security
  • Sealed-Secrets: Encrypted secret management
  • Ingress-Nginx: High-performance HTTP routing
  • Istio: Service mesh for microservices architecture
Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code

Your EKS setup is modeled using either CloudFormation or Terraform. As a value-added service, we grant you full access to these templates and modules for reusability and scalability.

Karpenter-Powered Autoscaling: The Differentiator

Karpenter Powered Autoscaling

Why settle for less when you can scale effortlessly?

The crown jewel of our EKS offerings is our integration with Karpenter, AWS’ high-performance autoscaler. With Karpenter, you achieve:

  • Efficiency: Optimal resource allocation
  • Speed: Quick, on-the-fly scaling decisions
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Spend only on the resources you use.

We believe that efficient autoscaling isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity for modern cloud-native applications. And with Karpenter, we deliver just that.

Why Choose copebit for AWS EKS Services?

  1. Expertise: In-depth knowledge of AWS and containerization technologies
  2. Custom Solutions: Tailored EKS setups that integrate with your AWS environment
  3. Transparency: Access to IaC templates for your in-house use
  4. Best-in-Class Autoscaling: Powered by Karpenter for peak efficiency
  5. Client Satisfaction: Over 70 satisfied clients and a wide range of successful deployments
  6. References: We have built enterprise-grade AWS EKS for multiple clients like Simpego, Bertschi, Sly, and many more.

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