Shaping a Well-Architected AWS Landscape for You

Well Architected Reviews

As a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Company based in Zurich, Switzerland, we specialize in assisting businesses in navigating the complex world of cloud-native technologies. Our expertise particularly shines in AWS Well-Architected services. We work together with your team to make sure your cloud infrastructure is not just operational, but also optimized for security, reliability, and performance.

What Does copebit Offer in Well-Architected Services?

Being cloud-native at our core, we’re not just about moving your applications to the cloud; we’re about optimizing them for the cloud environment. Our approach is based on the six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. We provide:

  1. Assessment: An initial deep-dive analysis of your current AWS environment.
  2. Planning: A roadmap to improvements, tailored to your business.
  3. Implementation: Leveraging the latest AWS technologies to bring your architecture in line with best practices.
  4. Monitoring: Regular reviews and health checks of your AWS architecture.
  5. Optimization: Ongoing efforts to reduce costs and improve performance.
AWS Well Architected

The Six Pillars of AWS Well-Architected Framework Operational Excellence

This pillar focuses on running and managing systems to deliver business value. Our team ensures that your operations are automated, auditable, and iteratively improved.

AWS Well Architected


    Security is non-negotiable. From data encryption to access management, we offer strategies and tools that protect your assets in AWS from the ground up.

    AWS Well Architected


    We design your cloud infrastructure for high availability and fault tolerance. Our strategies include automated backups, disaster recovery plans, and multi-AZ deployments.

    AWS Well Architected

    Performance Efficiency

      By utilizing services like AWS Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing, we make sure your applications always perform at their peak while optimizing costs.

      AWS Well Architected

      Cost Optimization

      We implement best practices for cost tracking and control. Our tactics include right-sizing services, reserved instances, and real-time monitoring.

      AWS Well Architected


        This newly added pillar focuses on long-term business health. We help you adopt cloud technologies that are both economically and environmentally sustainable.




        “With this flexible foundation and the reduction of complexity, we have gained speed and see opportunities to improve and expand the applications. For that, we are very grateful.”

        » Bertschi



        “Since our core business already presented multiple challenges, we relied on savvy tech partners like copebit and AWS to build and operate our infrastructure. They also operate very closely with our industry and understand the given challenges very well.”

        » simpego



        “The automation of many tasks relieves the AFO team of worries about day-2 operations around security, backup, or patching. The financial planning also got much easier as all expenses are now treated as OPEX.”

        » AFO

        Free Well-Architected Campaign Offering

        To showcase the benefits of our AWS Well-Architected services, we are thrilled to offer a FREE Well-Architected Review. This complimentary assessment will provide you with insights into your current architecture, potential risk factors, and actionable recommendations. Terms apply, see below.

        As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we’re committed to delivering quality and value that you can trust. Contact us today to book your free Well-Architected Review and set your business on the path to operational excellence.

        special offer

        Who Qualifies?

        • AWS Spending: Your monthly AWS spending should be over $3000.

        • Geographical Criteria: The company must be based in Switzerland.

        • Account Access: You must provide read-only access to AWS accounts to conduct the review.

        • Account Limit: A maximum of two AWS accounts per company will be considered for the review.

        Terms and Conditions

        copebit reserves the right to select the companies that will be granted the free Well-Architected Review. We may also refuse an engagement based on various factors, including but not limited to, fit for the campaign or availability of resources. This is a temporary offer and expires on March 31, 2024.