Simpego goes AWS: A Modern Platform for a Young Insurance Company

The insurance industry has changed – from the classic sales force model to digital multi-channel sales. With products for a modern target audience, in a market that is increasingly moving online. Customers are more and more flocking to mobile apps, which makes the IT system business-critical for service providers. Accordingly, the underlying systems for the applications must be fast, secure, available 24/7 and constantly optimized.

Like with Simpego, a young insurance company aimed at just such a target group. The company, which emerged from Dextra in 2016, works with a public cloud solution based on AWS. This is intended to ensure scalability, performance and, above all, constant availability of the core business platform.

In order to optimize the system to meet these requirements, Simpego issued a call for tenders to find an AWS consulting partner who could guarantee stability and security. Preferably from Switzerland, because on one hand, as a financial institution, they are bound by strict Finma requirements, and on the other hand, they value the proximity to their business partners.

copebit participated and won the pitch. They convinced with an analytical approach and a coordinated project management plan, which effectively combines the given factors with technological possibilities. An agile approach allows to respond quickly to changes.

At the start of the project, the team initially optimized the existing platform. This in turn resulted in a new project that enables the insurance company to respond even faster to customer needs – with a completely data-driven business model. 

This requires an interdisciplinary approach with security as a core element that also integrates partners and sub-service providers in a secure and data-compliant manner.

QUOTE Fabian Schmid, CMO, SIMPEGO: “A modern cloud-first approach to infrastructure allows us as a small but rapidly growing company to scale optimally with our customers and partners. In doing so, our API-first strategy as well as our strongly data-driven business model integrates perfectly with the chosen infrastructure solution. Since our core business already presented multiple challenges, we relied on savvy tech partners like copebit and AWS to build and operate our infrastructure. They also operate very close with our industry and understand the given challenges very well.”

Technologically, this looks like this:

  • AWS, two accounts (future landing zone with 10 accounts)
  • EKS for Managed Kubernetes for container orchestration
  • MySQL as database, hosted on Aurora, in future on Autoscaled Aurora Serverless V2
  • CloudWatch for monitoring and alerting
  • OpenSearch and ElastiCache with Redis
  • Control Tower for Foundation and Security

Complex applications entail high requirements, which usually have to be covered by several partners. As in this case. Here, it is important that all parties involved are well organized and cooperative in the service of the cause: the 100% satisfaction of the customer.

This worked out very well. Joint consultation, definition of responsibilities and implementation of solid interface management were the keys to the project’s success: Today, system stability is guaranteed around the clock. copebit performs with fast deployment times and a good outlook for the new, modern system, which is based on a highly secure, scalable platform.

In addition, the new testing stage brings even more reliability to the rollout of new application releases.

In figures, the system currently looks like this:

  • 3 AWS accounts
  • 2 stages
  • 2 EKS clusters
  • 2 Aurora DB

    In the future (after migration) like this:

  • 10 AWS accounts
  • 3 stages
  • 3 Kubernetes clusters
  • 3 Aurora DB clusters auto-scaled

Simpego now also features noticeably better network integration, easier handling for reporting, higher security and more automation. In addition to improved monitoring and alerting, shorter response times for faults and clearly defined responsibilities, even more modern infrastructure features are also in use.

Currently, copebit is working on moving existing AWS accounts to new ones, completing old account decommissions, and migrating reporting and analysis tools.

Looking ahead, Simpego is also exploring the move of its application to Switzerland – especially for simplified compliance.