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Software as a Service

Nowadays, SaaS knows no boundaries. More and more customers are choosing SaaS, and providers are selling SaaS more than ever – across all industries, categories, and geographies. Expertise in building and operating SaaS products and services has transformed from a “nice-to-have” to a survival requirement for modern software companies like yours.

There are a variety of options for operating such a business model, from an on-prem to a multi-cloud strategy. The copebit team has carefully evaluated which models are particularly business-friendly. The focus here is on automation, deployability, cost efficiency and security.

Software in its ideal environment with AWS

Unterstützung im Geschäftsalltag

Support in everyday business

The operation of a SaaS business model typically means developing and implementing key models for measuring usage and correlating those with customer billing. Organizations that want to offer Software as a Service need to consider how they will classify the different variants of their SaaS offering and how they will measure their environments to align them with these classification models. When operating on AWS, ready-for-use mechanisms are offered for measurement and billing requirements.

Mandantenfähigkeit mit Köpfchen

Smart multi-client capability

In SaaS solutions, multi-client capability is inherent. It requires an increased focus on ensuring that every effort is made to isolate client resources. The chosen multi-architecture model, the used services, the type of domain – all these factors can affect the approach to isolation. The copebit team helps define and build understanding of deployable strategies and ideal AWS services for developing secure SaaS solutions.

Mandantenfähigkeit mit Sicherheit

Multi-client capability with security

Identity is a fundamental element of any SaaS environment. It must be woven into the structure of your SaaS architecture and design so that you can effectively authorize and restrict access to your multi-client capable services, infrastructure, and data. Tenant identity in SaaS applications does not impact flexibility or developer productivity. The goal is to demonstrate strategies that encapsulate tenant awareness and use the scale, security, and innovation enabled by AWS and its ecosystem of identity solutions.

Management & Operations

Management & Operations

SaaS environments require robust and responsive operational processes. In addition, an accurate and proactive view of the system health is essential for maximizing the reliability of SaaS environments. SaaS architects can leverage a rich set of AWS tools to create robust, multi-client views of activities and set policies to manage system health.


copebit accompanies businesses in every phase of the Software as a Service (SaaS) process. Whether you are a company just starting up SaaS or looking to migrate your portfolio to the cloud – our team enables you to build new products, migrate single-tenant environments, or optimize existing SaaS solutions on AWS.

copebit is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, and our highly skilled AWS team will help you find the most effective highly automated SaaS architecture on AWS, with the goal of creating secure, reliable and agile solutions for your customers.