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More „Swissness“ for AWS

The news of the year: AWS goes Switzerland! The time has come, the news is out: AWS has announced the new location Switzerland. The new region in the AWS portfolio opens up completely new opportunities and advantages, especially for Swiss businesses.

How can businesses benefit from the Swiss region?


Business data remains in Switzerland

Let copebit and its AWS team advise you on the importance of data location and the legal relationships with international providers. How can businesses meet their compliance requirements?


Latency can be significantly reduced

The Swiss location reduces the delay in accessing data to a minimum. Businesses will gain in speed and reliability and can make even better use of their data strategies.


Multi-country setups

A company usually hosts numerous workstreams. Some are critical and should definitely rely on the Swiss location. Others can also benefit from the surrounding data centers without loss of quality. A solid architecture can help you.

Which industries will particularly benefit from the new location?

Financial industry
Due to their high compliance requirements, financial service providers have been rather hesitant to migrate to cloud providers with foreign locations. Now we can jointly target new projects and benefit from the many advantages of the AWS cloud.

Healthcare sector
Local patients – local data. In many cases this seems only logical. The wishes and requirements of this highly sensitive industry can now be fulfilled even more precisely. The entire industry can therefore continue to benefit from digitization and venture new steps.

Availability of all data, the frontend and a fast backend are crucial in eCommerce, especially during peak times like Black Friday, Christmas, lock down etc. That is why providers should also focus on their availability in addition to UX.


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