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Process Flow Enterprise Environment

In the enterprise environment, a structured and clearly defined process is crucial to ensure that all internal organizations are involved and aligned throughout the implementation and operational phases. copebit has recognized this need and developed a standard procedure that combines the best of classic project management methods with agile procedures. This approach ensures that new developments can be incorporated into the implementation process and that the solution remains flexible and adaptable to the customer’s changing needs. The process provides a clear roadmap and framework for communication, collaboration and decision-making so that all stakeholders can work together effectively and efficiently to achieve a successful outcome.

Enterprise Process VPDC

The process is divided into three phases:


  • The flow process includes three different phases, starting with the initialization phase, where the customer’s cloud readiness and assessment / discovery are discussed in detail. Based on the customer’s requirements, the architecture of the landing zone “VPDC” is designed and created. If required, copebit plans and executes Proof-of-Concepts (PoCs) with the customer using the agile approach.
  • After successful completion of the quality gates in the first phase, the actual realization phase, Build & Mobilize Landing Zone “VPDC”, is initiated in the realization phase. This can be done in close collaboration with the customer to help them learn, build and apply cloud technology skills from the beginning. This phase also includes the implementation of the first application, the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), or migration, called workloads. The second phase is also completed using quality gates.
  • The final phase is the handover phase, where the workloads are already operational and an “operating model” is set up to run and operate them. The customer is trained and coached and everything is documented to ensure smooth and trouble-free operation of the workloads. In addition, the gained experience can be used to identify areas where the applications can be optimized if needed.

Not only does the customer benefit from a technically advanced solution built on a future-proof foundation, but they also grow with their organization, people and processes, and actively learn from their AWS VPDC solution.

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