THANK YOU to the great copebit team, we could never have done it without all of you!

We were very happy about all the cool conversations we had!

Together we performed, together we had many interesting conversations and we were able to convince! Already a few weeks after the event we see the first effects. And all this through your commitment and enthusiasm. THANK YOU ALL!

The calm before the storm the day before.

Set up the booth and first instructions to the team.

A wonderful AWS Swiss Cloud Day and off we go, the hall fills up…..

We are convinced that our customers are on the right cloud journey with us, but our copebit journey continues as well – what is still to come this year? Our strategy workshop at mount Pilatus was also an awesome event, even though unfortunately not all of us were able to attend. Of course, we continue to work on our product development and there are many new AWS projects, training challenges and also new team-mates will join us and support us. What else? copebit Immersion Days


So there is still a lot to do, and it remains exciting as always!

Orlando Beiner
Orlando Beiner

Orlando is CEO and founder of copebit AG. His knowledge focuses on: project management, digitalization, agile methods such as SAFe, Scrum and a holistic view of cloud technologies. He has worked in the IT industry for providers and financial service providers for over 25 years.
For the past 12 years, he has led and built multicultural teams with whom he also developed and operated various cloud platforms.