In our modern era, speed, agility, and quicker turnaround time can make or break a software company. To help these software enterprises create, adapt, and innovate faster, AWS has introduced AWS CodePipeline. CodePipeline automates the process of moving code from development to testing to production, thereby letting you release software changes more frequently.

As a simple example, in a pipeline, you may have CodePipeline automatically detect changes to code in development. It will create a build incorporating the changes. If you have premade tests for the code, CodePipeline will run them for you. Once tests are run successfully, an approver can manually give the go-ahead to proceed with deploying the code to production EC2 instances using CodeDeploy, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, or AWS OpsWork Stacks. You may customize your own pipelines for future use.


  • Automated release process – with the process automated from source all the way to deployment. You can create your own release model, including one where there is a manual approval before progressing to a stage. You have control on how, when, and where you want to release.
  • Regularized Release Process – you determine the necessary steps for each code change, and CodePipeline enforces and manages the process for you.
  • Faster delivery while maintaining quality – an automated release process means developers can test and release code in increments, meaning faster time to market for new apps and features.
  • Incorporate related tools – You may use an existing source, build and deployment tools to your release process. A full list of supported tools can be found here.
  • Easily monitor progress – You may view the status of your pipeline in real-time. You may also view warnings, rerun a failed action, look at details of revisions, and manually rerun pipelines.
  • Track actions in detailed history – read the details of executions, such as timestamps, duration, and execution IDs.

Details for pricing for AWS CodePipeline can be found here. Let us know if you wish to implement a service like AWS CodePipeline. We can help you get started in this great service.

Marc Schmuki

Marc Schmuki

Marc is a senior consultant and co-founder at copebit. He has been working in IT for more than 22 years in various positions. He is a certified AWS Solution Architect (Associate) and has a holistic AWS knowledge.