With the implementation of all team- and process-changes, we never lost the customer focus. We then continued to grow with the customer projects. We were able to welcome new employees to our team, who strengthened us considerably. With these goals, we have all made a very good start to 2022.

THANK YOU to the copebit team, great how we mastered this together and that had to be celebrated!

Raffaela, Marc, Marco und Orlando

Orlando Beiner

Orlando Beiner

Orlando is CEO and founder of copebit AG. His knowledge focuses on: project management, digitalization, agile methods such as SAFe, Scrum and a holistic view of cloud technologies. He has worked in the IT industry for providers and financial service providers for over 25 years.
For the past 12 years, he has led and built multicultural teams with whom he also developed and operated various cloud platforms.